Free MP3 Download of the Month!

We have decided to offer two great holiday songs this month, one from each of the CDs by local musicians that have raised thousands of dollars for local food banks.

Mark Lewis Cool Jazz Trio

Inventive. Interactive. Spontaneous. Lyrical. The Mark Lewis Cool Jazz Trio sound is reminiscent of West Coast Cool, with more freedom and a smaller group...

Mark Lewis Quartet music samples


Of Hip do I Sing

If you love the sound of a contemporary mainstream jazz quartet led by one of the most lyrical and emotionally committed saxophonists of this generation, this CD is for you. Mark's exquisite flute work is also well respresented on this release. A carefully selected mix of standards and originals. 2008.

Above the Sky

Think of the sweetest, most tender flute you’ve ever heard. Think of the most intense flute you’ve heard. Then listen to “Above the Sky” to reconnect to your most vivid awareness of this powerful yet delicate instrument. All originals on flute and piano. 2008.

Mark's Electronic Music Box

On Mark’s Electronic Music Box, jazz sax master Mark Lewis explores the possibilities of finding the soul of the electronic keyboard to showcase some of his compositions in a range of styles and moods. 2007.

Reverence: A Prayer For Peace

Free download. Though not typical of Mark's jazz music, this single was created to help promote more peaceful times for all.

Worlds Apart

Original Compositions and Improvisations by Mark Lewis. Alto Sax, Flute, and Keyboard. Easy to listen to, yet fresh and engaging. 2005.

Live And Well

The Mark Lewis Trio Live at City Limits. Mark Lewis - alto, flute, vocal; Bud Schultz - piano; Ted Enderle - bass. Click on the CD title to listen to song clips.

Duo Samples

Christmas Foodline Benefit CD Sampler